The Craftsman

Meet Tony Redman — Family man, roots guitar player, and old school craftsman from Austin, Texas!

Tony Redman“I have be very lucky to do things that I love for a living. Most days are spent in my shop building cool stuff like custom tables and my steel bodied cigar box style resonator guitars. Throw in guitar lessons in the evenings and some gigs on the weekends, and needless to say, I stay rather busy.

I started building cigar box guitars after many years of being enamored with the music of the early delta bluesman and the instruments they played. One day, just for kicks, I decided to build a guitar using a cigar box and whatever parts I could find laying around. I found the process really enjoyable and the result was an organic, rustic, awesome contraption to play slide on! Over the years I’ve found ways to improve and refine these guitars without losing the spirit and simplicity of the originals. This quest led me to create the guitars I am building now. A marriage between vintage steel bodies National guitars and Cigar box guitars.

Using steel bodies handmade and welded out of #18 gauge sheet metal, 5 ½ inch aluminum resonators attached to hand crafted oak necks and custom pickups, I am finally making the guitars I envisioned.